About the Artist: Inge Chappell

My name is Inge Chappell. I am a glass artist and jewellery designer operating from my gallery & studio in Warkworth, North of Auckland.  The Kleurglass gallery & studio is a place to buy beautiful artisan glass from New Zealand artists as well as a place to learn glass bead making.  I also operate a private studio in the historic village of Puhoi.

Although I consider myself a New Zealander (having lived here since 1982), I was born in the Netherlands, a country where art glass has a long and proud tradition. Whether it was conscious or sub-conscious, I developed a strong relationship with glass as soon as I began working with it. The endless possibilities it offers from the perspective of colour, technique and shape are limitless. There is not a day that goes by where I don't make a new discovery or find a new way of doing things. That is exciting!

Working with glass is both a creative but also a highly technical process where a keen knowledge of alchemy & heat control is required. It is a process that requires complete focus and concentration.

The meaning of kleurglass

"kleurglass" is Dutch for "colour glass" and best describes the focus of my work - the exploration of colour through glass as the principal medium.

Artist Statement

The exploration of "colour" is central to my practice as a glass artist. The use of bright, unusual colours as well as soft, subtle colours to create texture, symmetry and light is a feature of my work. Another key focus area is "form", and I particularly enjoy combining asymmetrical forms and creating unusual, organic shapes and objects using glass.

Although working on the torch (lampworking) is my main discipline, I have also begun making fused glass pieces including glass wall panels.

About the Artist